Your Muse is a Liar, And This is a GOOD THING.

When your muse to you, it's giving you the tools to become a great writer. Let me show you how.

How to Kick 2017 in the Ass: WRITE.

This year, you need to write. The power you hold as a storyteller is without measure.

Everybody Hurts: How Forgiveness Applies to Your Character

Pain changes your character. It's important you know how that character handles it.

The Difference Between Young Adult and Middle Grade

The difference between MG and YA isn't just about word count, although that's a factor. It's actually the perspective of the protagonist.

This Post is Political. You Have Been Warned.

The events of the last few days have been so awful, so violent, so terrible, that I find my attempt at equanimity slipping away. I cannot be silent.

Announcing Half-Shell Prophecies!

Ta-daaa! I am so happy to announce this new book. It's all but finished, and today is the cover reveal.

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