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Don’t Wait.

This post contains miscarriage mention and other medical issues. It still all needed to be said.

Notte’s Many Names

“I am The Mortal’s Doom, and before your mother shed her first infant tears onto the soil of the old world, I was.”

Congratulations, winners!

Did you enter the giveaway? Then I have good news – you’re not a “loser,” either! I’ll be sending a special gift your way as thanks soon.

Change and the Human Mind

One step to an effective arc is not just to get your character up in a tree and throw rocks at them; it’s also to figure out just how that tree/rock scenario affects your character.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I see two Merits, briefly. While the possibilities for such a thing are lovely, it strikes me as wise not to comment on it.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I’ve never seen children among the Mythos before.

I know now why we were never allowed to see them.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

Produced via the #CreateIt22: a scene from the new WIP book, SOLOMON’S CHOICE. Typo warning. Also gore warning. That lady exploded real good.

What is #CreateIt22?

Creation takes energy. This year, after all we’ve been through as a nation, as a planet, as a people, we lack that energy.

WIP: Solomon’s Choice

I need to spend time with my son. I think, tonight, we’re both more aware than ever that mine is limited.

WIP: Cabbaged

Part of being Ever-Dying is your drive: you explore. It’s why your symbol on the Great Wheel is a boat. You never stop searching, never stop looking, peeking under every shadow, shining light down every hole. You care about why more than we do.