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I can teach you to tell
a good yarn.

I’m Ruthanne Reid, a Sci-Fi/Dystopian bestselling author, and I love helping other writers find their voice.

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Ruthanne Reid, Author and Writing Coach

What Others Are Saying:

marikaI went to bed but I can’t sleep if don’t read something good. So I took my kindle and I choose to begin ‘The Christmas Dragon’. Once I’ve started reading I knew that sleeping wasn’t on my plans anymore. I was going to be up all night to finish the book.
Marika Ciarrocchi, reviewer on AMAZON

Ilana WatersSeriously, your great blog on villains helped me through a major roadblock with my book. IT WAS LIKE PASSING A LITERARY STONE.
Ilana Waters, author of THE MAGE TALES

marikaFun and fanciful, Reid’s latest entry into the ever-growing, deliciously complex AMONG THE MYTHOS series is a fantastically breath-taking adventure with a sexy, snarky and narcissistic protagonist that I can’t wait to see more of.
J. M. Frey, author of THE UNTOLD TALE

beethRuthanne is one of the most encouraging writing coaches I have met online or in person. Her colleagues have much to learn from her writing process which reminds us all of how real the journey is for each one of us writers. And the journey is never-ending even while it is rewarding. Thanks, Ruthanne,  for all you do for us.
Beth Schmelzer, creator of review site BEST BOOKS BY BETH

beethThere are movies you watch, works of art you see, poems and books you read that you walk away from going “whoa.” [THE SUNDERED] was one of them for me. Complete gut-punch-powerful ending that reminded me of the experience of walking away from the big reveal in Ender’s Game.
Leah Petersen, author of THE PHYSICS OF FALLING

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