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Sci-Fi and Fantasy From Ruthanne Reid


178 Reviews, 4.3 Stars on Amazon

178 Reviews, 4.3 Stars on Amazon

The world I know is flooded. You don’t go in the water. You don’t touch it. If you do, it will get you, drag you down, and you’re gone.

 There are movies you watch, works of art you see, poems and books you read that you walk away from going “whoa.” This was one of them for me.
—Leah Petersen

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Ruthanne Reid, Author

Ruthanne Reid, Author

Welcome! My name is Ruthanne Reid, and I’m here to tell you a darn good story.

I’ve had some practice. In the past few years, I’ve reached bestseller status on Amazon, helped build a thriving writing community, and taught others how to craft stories  via The Write Practice. I also co-hosted a convention panel on World-Building, and in 2016, PostiveWriter.com’s Awards for the Top 50 Writing Blogs named my post — “Screw the Muse: You ARE a Writer” — as one of the best of the year.

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Welcome to my world. You’re in for a helluva ride.

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